Story Telling – The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

Story telling is apparently not new and has been here since the beginning of the times. We all as children have heard stories from our parents and grand parents particularly when young. But, with the advent of new technology based gadgets like TV’s, tablets and mobiles, with the surge in nuclear families and the work loads that couples have leaves them with rather less or no time to look beyond cartoons and video games. Many of us Parent might as well have had fond memories of cuddling into our granny’s lap and asking her to tell you a fairytale. Even the great Einstein has said this about story telling – If you want to make your children intelligent, tell fairy-tales to them, if you want them to be more intelligent, tell more stories to them. So, the point is story telling does come packed with loads of benefits which are rather unknown to many of us. Well, lets just review some of these then so that if you haven’t already started telling stories to your child, you do get started asap.

Story Telling - The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

Enhances Language Skills – When you read stories to your children, loud, slow and clear, your kids get an opportunity to come across new words. This is how you in a way help them build their vocabulary or say their word bank. With new stories come new words and these new words and pronunciation get archived in your child’s virtual word bank in some corner of their brain.

Betters Memory – Story telling is a memory enhancement exercise because children children have to remember certain key plot points. Even asking question during story telling and post it helps.

Enhances their Creative skills and Imagination – When you tell stories to your children, there are no visuals to support these stories. As a result children learn to imagine or visualize the story. This enhances their imaginative and creative skills. You can even ask your children to draw pictures around it after you tell them stories.

Helps with cultural Understanding – When you tell stories of your childhood, it gives them a chance to explore their own cultures and develop empathy towards people, places or situations that they haven’t been.

Besides story telling helps helps in instilling the love for reading which can help them all along their life span, improve listening skills, their concentration and engagement as well as developing your mutual bond.

Well, if you haven’t started it already, do it now because it is surely help your kids all their life.

Vydehi School is founded upon the conviction that young minds are extremely curious about everything that surround them. They are at a stage of constant development. They are always keen to learn, create and develop. With strong support to their ideas, their unique potentials can be molded effectively.

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