Spark Your Kid’s Love for a sport and Keep the Spark Alive – An Overview

There is no denying that sports are one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy. Many parents enroll their kids enthusiastically into sports but it is found that almost 70% of them drop out or leave in their teens itself, many to concentrate on studies and many due to lack of interest or boredom.

But, times have changed and there has been a lot of advancement in studying the behavioral issues of children with the help of sports psychologists who make use of various research, theories and applied strategies to help the kids around a particular sport that they enjoy and to stay with the sport for a longer time.

Spark Your Kid's Love for a sport

The sports psychologists are trying to work on the kid’s idea of fun and trying to nurture the idea and helping coaches better their communication skills, helping kids support their team members and set as well as achieve the goals. Other tried and tested strategies include praise for dedication and effort. It’s not just winning and bringing out the mistakes but at the same time praising the good and offering solutions in the areas which need to be worked at. Experts have found that this approach works better than the winning oriented aggressive and ego –involving approach and helps in building teams and healthy relationships within them, ultimately affecting their well-being overall.

There are a couple of models very popularly used overseas in universities and are giving good results- the Smith and Smoll’s mastery model and evidence based Coping cat model in order to help and support young athletes suffering from anxiety disorders. They make use of anxiety reduction techniques, deep breathing, problem solving, progressive muscle relaxation, cognitive restructuring customized according to the personal needs of teams. There has a been a study which states that more than individual coaching for anxiety, group or team coaching works better, thus inculcating the interventions as a part of the drill so it is not weird for the one who is struggling.

Mutual support and respect is also important within the team. As per experts the culture has to be inviting and caring, supportive and safe where every player feels important and valued which can be dealt using caring climate intervention techniques.

Well, primarily the love for sports or a particular sport needs to be there but if it is there then keeping that spark alive can actually help your child realize his passion or dream and excel in the area with flying colors hence taking help of sports psychologists for the same in association with school authorities is a good idea.

An active child shows interest in everything. They display happiness and feel good. They perform well academically too. Physical activities are a must for children to make them active all throughout the day. At least an hour of physical activities per day is a must.

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