Primary School Sports Week Vydehi School Of Excellence

The Sports event for the primary school section was conducted in Vydehi School of Excellence, on 8th November 2012. Children were overwhelmed with their passion for sports and teachers organized the event in a way that it kept everybody very spirited from the beginning to end. The event, which is a part of the primary education, was all about showcasing students’ stamina, strength and intellect by participating in various outdoor- and indoor sports competition. The preliminary rounds of both indoor and outdoor games took place from 5th to 7th November. Chess and Carrom were the most sought after indoor games while baton relay and 100 meters were the favorites among outdoor games.

Many kids from primary school section participated in this event which lasted for one and half hours and inspired them to be healthy and fit. The organizers have taken the challenge of making many kids participate in the competition heads-on and won it with absolute support from children. Fifteen teachers including the headmistress of the school were present at the ground, during the event. While there were six participants for every competition in the event, 4 members were there in each team for baton relay competition.
Regarding their age, the relay participants are divided into three groups. There were five teams up for the baron relay game and each team had two members. Kids wore white shirts and ash color pants for the sports event. The primary school students from grade 1 to grade 5 participated in the competition. 8 tracks of 100 meters length were made for various sports competitions.

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