Parenting Teens in Today’s Times

Yes, undoubtedly parenting a teenager is challenging and more so in today’s times with so much exposure available due to internet, gadgets and television. If you thought that the two to four years of your child is the only age when you experience difficulty in handling your toddler then the answer to that idea is the worst is yet to come. It’s not about scaring you in advance but practically teenage is an age when there are hormonal changes in your children and they are more into their peers and may sense the neglect you get. Yet, there are ways that can help you sail through the period without getting stressed to the core and avoiding blunders that could affect your child and your relationship as well.

Well, no need to fret and the cliché saying the only way out is through does go well with the situation called teenage parenting. So, here are a few parenting hacks or tips that might just help you find a way through this teenage tunnel.

Parenting Teens in Today's Times

1. Communicate – This is the key to connecting with your child one on one. Communicate with your child and this can only happen when you and he or she share a great bonding. In today’s times when both the parents are busy working and there is not enough time to spend with the child try to use whatever time is on hand to the optimum. If its dinner time, make it a time you can spend together chitchatting, go for movies or catch up a sport or adventure activity with the child. Try playing some indoor sport or board game with the child. If you create a healthy and friendly environment at home your child will eagerly share his or her issues, worries or questions or problems with you.

2. Listen – Give your child a listening ear. Only because is young don’t try to ridicule everything he or she says or is upto. Don’t judge them and expect them to act as if they are adults. They have an opinion as an individual and you need to atleast hear it out when the need be whether or not you agree to it.

3. Empathize – Sometimes there are issues or stressful situations that might not mean anything to you as a parent or be a small issue which can be easily handled but you need to understand that your child is not an adult like you and it could be a very big issue for him or her. Try to put yourself in their shoes before you react or jump to conclusions.

4. Respect Privacy – Each one of us including children need their own space at some point of time. Respect that a parent and while you supervise them, also make sure that you give them the space they need. Back off when it’s required because this will help them become self-reliant.

5. Be a friend not a parent – This can get you very close to your teenage kid because this is the age when kids are looking out for friendships and companionships. So, if you are a strict parent or a pressuring one then it’s difficult for them to seek a friend in you. Yes you will be needing a lot of Patience and be friend with their friends too. Don’t snap them in front of their friends or neglect them in front of others.

Well parenting a teenage is one of the most taxing time but with some changes in your own parenting methods, you can surely find a way.

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