How To Deal With Disruptive Children

Many A times parenting can get highly stressful, particularly when you have to deal with kids with disruptive behaviour. You at times tend to give up because you feel no single way you tried is working well with your kid. Though disruptive behaviour can be a result of behavioural conditions on an average all normal children do have behavioural issues on and off. Only when the behaviour is persistent and there are symptoms of clinical issues is when a mental health specialist could be brought in to review the disorder like ADHD, anxiety or more.

Here are few tips that might just help you out in dealing with the disruptive behaviour of your child.

How To Deal With Disruptive Children

1. Tell what to do – We always tend to tell our children to not do something when it’s always a good idea to tell them what to do. For example if you child is jumping on the bed, you rather say, please get down dear and not stop jumping or don’t jump.

2. Respect them – Whenever talking to them respect them as you would to anyone one else of your age, respect their opinion even if you don’t abide by it or like it. Even while instructing them be respectful and calm in whatever you say and they’ll do the same.

3. Speak with Clarity – Whatever instruction you give to your child or whatever you say needs to be crystal clear. Rather and saying go and do it. Say please start doing your homework for example.

4. Don’t keep Repeating – you need to wait for the message to sink in before you repeat it so wait for a minute or so before repeating what you said. If you keep repeating, your child will assume that you would repeat it for him or her.

5. Motivation and Praising – Rewards or praising works really well with kids. So if your kid does his or her work on time, reward them some extra play time or TV time. This will act as a motivation to them.

Try to be a friend of your child but none the less teach them to be well manned and disciplined where it is needed through use of parenting strategies. Happy Parenting.

The parent-teacher association of Vydehi School of Excellence is an active body of the School. Every parent and teacher is a member of the association, as VSE strongly believes that parents and teachers must work together with children to improve the quality of education.

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