Tips On Managing Fussy and Stubborn Children

As children grow, they keep changing, its not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. A lot many behavioral changes occur in children and many of them even show a paradigm shift in behaviors with age. There are children who are calm and quiet at birth and as infants but turn the other way round when they cross 2.5 years of age and vice a versa. Managing children and their changing moods and habits can be quite a nerve wrecking challenge. But, keep your head cool and working out a suitable solution can help ease this challenge to a great extent.

Fussy and Stubborn Children

Here’s a sneak peek into some tips that could help you out of these fussy eating habits of your children

Introduce Variety Early On – If you don’t introduce the child to a variety of foods early on it will be real difficult to you later on. You may use a fun filled way to introduce your child to a new variety of food. Like closing your child’s eyes and asking the child to recognize food before they eat.

The reward way out – You can create an activity where you introduce your child to new foods and ask them to try it out. Each time they do it properly reward them with a sticker. Tell them once they collect five stickers they’ll get a reward they love. Keep it as their favorite food or snack.

Good Looks Attract – Try to do innovative stuff with your food. Make it look good so that the kid gets attracted to it and wants to have it. So if the veggies they do not like are on the plate at-least make it a point that they are alluring enough.

Cook Veggies Smartly– You can create some recipes that your child prefers using the veggies that he or she hates to eat. For example you can use carrots and green peas or beet, grate it off and mix it with idli batter before you make them some idlis to eat. You may also give a little dip they love like sauces or chutneys alongside.

Managing Meal Times

Eating Alarm – Just before 15 minutes of mealtime, let them know about it. The child might as well need some time to transit through the earlier activity to eating.

Fixed Routine – Fix a mealtime and abide by it most of the time. So, the child is pretty much aware of what is coming around that time

Pleasant Times – In order to make your child take meals properly its important to make the time that they spend for meal, pleasant for them. So, stay away from arguments or negativity at that time.

Usually a toddlers can be served about three meals and two snacks. But, be careful not to offer snacks just before meal time. Also, if a child does not take a certain meal, you may offer nutritious snacks post meal and then offer the second meal. Mostly the kid would eat what is served if he or she haven’t eaten properly during the first meal. Additionally, if that’s not working you may well visit your pediatrician and get your toddlers checked for any health issues. Also, there are some appetite boosters available online. Your pediatrician might prescribe you if required, but do not try anything out without consulting your pediatrician.

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