Fitness and Learning Go Hand in Hand For Kids

Considering lifestyle of us Indians today, obesity is a major issue arising out of it and not only are the adults bearing a brunt of this monster called obesity but so are the children, around the globe as well as in India. The major reasons are sedentary lifestyle and junk foods. So, how do we tackle this grave issue called obesity that has been spreading its claws across the country? Physical exercise is one of the possible answers to this question. Additionally, neurology experts in USA have claimed that exercise not only helps in regulating the blood flow but it also helps in promoting neurogenesis, a process that is known to generate neurons in the brain. To say the least, it helps a child’s developing brain.
Here is a run down on how you can kill two birds with one stone; meaning how exercise not only helps in physical fitness and growth of your child but also helps in his/ her brain development.

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Cognitive Skills
Here is an important piece of information about the inter-relation of exercise and attention paying or concentration ability. Apparently, exercise or engaging in physical activities helps increase concentration, thus improving cognitive control – ability of paying attention. It is particularly useful for kids who face difficulties with concentrating, for example, kids with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorders) face grave difficulty in paying attention. But, an exercise session before a task that requires attention, helps them increase or rather control their attention span.

Blood Flow Regulation
While a healthy diet is responsible for increased blood flow, exercise is an activity that helps maintain it. A better flow of blood ensures a fit body and also helps in brain development as it increases the flow of blood to the brain, reduces stress levels due to increased levels of neropinephrine and endorphins and affects mood states positively.

Decreased Cardiovascular Risk
Regularly exercising in childhood can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. It is also responsible for improving quality of life associated with health.

In this age when academic pressures on children are rising by leaps and bounds, mental health and physical fitness go hand in hand in keeping kids mind and body at peace. Exercise, thus plays a significant role in keeping kids physical active, away from obesity and mentally fit as well.

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