First Field Trip Vydehi School Of Excellence Vishveshwaraya Museum

The first field trip of the year for Vydehi School of Excellence was made to the Vishveshwaraya Museum on July .Children’s museums can be found in almost all cities today and they serve as a great way to expose a child to education. These museums are generally full of hands on exhibits that entertain and encourage learning all at the same time. A museum is a great place for children to learn about science as well. The exhibits featured in children’s museums are planned with education in mind. The students of Vydehi School of Excellence enjoyed every bit of their visit to the Museum. First they entered the dinosaur’s room which consists of a huge model of a dinosaur, the students were thrilled because it was roaring and moving its tail and neck. Then they went down the stairs where they found a truck made in 1916. Its appearance is more or less like that of a train engine.

Then they saw balls in a spiral cage going which demonstrated how one form of energy gets converted into another. The students thoroughly enjoyed playing with the balls. There was a lift in which the balls would come and stop. They moved a handle round and round and the balls were lifted to the top. From the top the balls rolled again, sometimes the ball stopped in the middle of the cage and then another ball would come from behind and hit it. Then the two balls would move again.

From there they moved to the Science section which provided a whole lot of knowledge coupled with fun. Here they saw a science model in which a river was flowing down to a village. The speed of the water has been used to move a hammer that would hit a red hot iron and help an iron-smith. Then they went to the first floor and there they saw the model of a plane in which the Wright brothers made their first flight. That plane looked very light. Then came the most fun part, they saw a plate on which some fruits and vegetables with a man’s head was kept. They were frightened and suddenly that head disappeared and now on that plate there was another head, then they realized that they were in the magic world section of the museum. One by one all of them tried putting their heads on the plate which was captured in pictures shown below.

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