Discipline Issues and Spanking

Many of us parents do spank children but is it needed or not is a question that ponders many of us. Is spanking the way to instilling discipline in your child. The answer actually is might just be no for some and yes for some. But, practically speaking if done in a controlled manner, spanking could work well. Though, you have to avoid panicky behavior and be mindful of how you manage your child and get him learn to be one. Again even using it needs to be limited to need basis.

Discipline Issues and Spanking

First Warn Always – Verbally warning your child is the first step before you spank your child. A warning signal can help you avoid the spanking alternative, as your child will slowly learn that if he or she would not listen then there will be consequences that follow in form of a spank.

Responsibility – Usually when kids are upto something that’s not right and do it, you ask them about why they did it but this would not be of great help as the child does not have an answer to it. Asking them about what wrong they did is like enforcing the responsibility in him or her. Then you can warn with a last chance before spanking about it.

Say if it Hurts – Its not always that you get angry always due to your kids behavioral issues, it can leave you disappointed and heart. At such a time its important to convey this feeling to your kids. At times if you feel like crying on their behavior, you may do it as well because seeing tears in their eyes can make them understand their parent’s grief and work on it.

Spank Responsibly – Spanking if the need be should be done within limits only or else your kids will get use to it as well and get out of your reach. You have to understand that the spanking has to be just like a sting and not more that that. You need to take care of the child’s body as well. Eventually it will be decreased once your kids learn to think abstractly. Though after spanking you can show your love to your child and ask him he he wants to repent on the same. This way you make them know that you are spanking them for a reason and only.

Unconditional Love – As important It can be to spank your child at time, it might be of same importance to provide unconditional love and even more so. So, after your round of discipline, do take your child in your arms, hug or cuddle him/her. The child will eventually understand that you love him/her loads and the spanking is only to regulate their behavior.

Instilling discipline is children plays and important part in all through their young age and whole of their life.

The parent-teacher association of Vydehi School of Excellence is an active body of the School. Every parent and teacher is a member of the association, as VSE strongly believes that parents and teachers must work together with children to improve the quality of education.

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