This question has been a topic of debate and discussion for a long time now. Apparently, there are a group of parents who believe that day cares for their kids are a good alternative for working parents while another feels that stay at home parenting is the best way of parenting.  Many parents struggle and are in dilemma about the same as well. Well, like every coin has its two sides, so does parenting have its own pros and cons. Let us run down a comparative analysis around the two first –

day care vs stay at home

Factors of Choice – Now taking up a day care for your child is not a pocket friendly event. These days day cares are highly expensive and the better the facility the bigger the hole your pocket is likely to get. Sometimes, it’s that stay at home parenting is not feasible due to the poor financial condition and the need for both the parents to work to earn a living. Survey states that in a country like USA parents spend 7% of their income of child care. Many other factors like timings, distance from home or office, disposition, child’s adjustment capabilities play an important role while opting for a day care against stay at home parenting.

Pros – Day Care – A quality day care often provides a structured schedule for the children which in turn helps them to hone their skills like sports, art, craft and more. Children at day care tend to become independent early on as compared to kids living at home with parents. Their intellect, social and cognitive skills also increase and thus they tend to achieve be better at academics.

Cons – Day Care – At a day care children tend to come in contact with other children and hence the possibility of they catching infections and fever increases more than usual. Also, spending a significant amount of time away from home can be exhausting and frustrating for the children as well. A survey has also indicated that the rate of positive interaction between mother and child is quite less if the child is left in a day care.

Pros – Stay at home Parenting – On the flip side, stay at home parenting has its own benefits. One of them being constant love, security and parental care experience for the child increasing the bonding between the parent and child and making him feel confident and happy. Due to the one on one ratio the child feels loved and special with stay at home parenting.

Cons – Stay at home Parenting – Stay at home parenting many a times leads to slow learning abilities in terms of social skills compared to the day care peers. Even the maturity ratio is less with added disadvantage of higher stranger anxiety once they are put in school. Even the parents who stay at home seem to be fatigued, exhausted and isolated from the social life due to the 24 hour routine.

Mixed Reviews – different people have different opinions when it comes to parenting at home vs day care. While the traditional lot feels that a parent specifically a mom is needed for a child in his or her early years around and day care isn’t a reliable option. There is the contemporary lot which feels working and being ambitious and independent is important for a better life style for the family on a whole as well hence the alternative. Even moms are not that up for day cares it’s observed and basically are interested in having best of both worlds but they seldom succeed to do so.



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