5 Questions you need to ask your Children after they come Home from School

It is very important that as a parent you spend quality as well as the quantity of time with your child. These days most of the parents are working, both of them to be more precise. So, the time available on hand is already quite less and hence it is not an easy task for a parent to find time to speak to the child or kid one on one.

Having said that, you need to know that it is a routine that needs to be kept as a top priority on your work list or checklist once you are home.

Offcourse work is a priority because it helps you buy your bread and butter but investing time in your child is particularly in their early years, (0 -5 years) is an investment worth crores of rupees. When your kids start school, the responsibilities go up. You need to spend time with your kids all the more to bond so well that they share their secrets to an extent with you. Well, if your kid is a teen, expecting to share every secret of theirs is apparently a hypothetical one :P

5Things to ask your child when he gets home

But, even though you are not bonding high time with your children, a good idea is to try and find out what they do in school on an everyday basis, more so if your child is a preschooler. Routine questions like how was your day are okay to ask but you need to go beyond that to find out more. Here’s run-down of five questions that you may ask your preschool kids after they come home from school.

Whom did you sit with today?
This is a question that will help you know about your child’s buddies. This will help you understand what type of kids your child befriends and it even helps you bond well. Children feel bored if you start a conversation around studies, but if it is around playing and their friends they would love to talk. So beginning your conversations with such questions is a good idea to engage them in a conversation. You can even go on asking about their best friends.

What did you learn at school today?
This question helps you to get a general idea of what the teacher has taught at school. You can even frame your question based on what your child does at home. For example, if you find your child singing rhymes you might as well ask him or her if the rhyme he or she was singing, was taught at school. You need not use the exact question stated above.

What did you eat for breakfast/lunch? (If the school offers breakfast and/or meals)
If your child has his or her meal, be it breakfast or lunch at school then always take time to find out what the child eats, more so how much he or she eats and if he/she likes what she eats. This can be done by asking your child questions about the food they had at school and if they liked it or not as well as how much they ate. Cross verifying the same with the teacher is required though because sometimes kids may lie.

What are the rules your class teacher talks about?
This question is a bit tricky one but still can get your child telling about the rules and regulations at school. You can also figure out if he/she really gels with the teacher or not through the way he or she answers the question. Even the expressions can help you out.

Anything funny or laughable happened at school today?
Again closing the conversation with light-hearted questions leaves a good aftertaste. So, ask your child to share some light moments that took place at school and make the child recall happy moments at school.

 Talking is really important, to develop a bond with your child. So find time for your child and see how your little flower blooms with your presence around.

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