5 Creative Activities To Keep Your Children engaged in Summer Holidays

Its summer holidays and every parent wants to keep their kids engaged into various different activities other than play time. Well, creative activities other than sports can keep your kid engaged and get his or her creative juices churning as well. Here is a list of few creative activities you can let your kids do or accompany them for doubling the excitement and fun. A kid always wishes his or her parent to be around them when

There is a lot of scope for children in creating stuff with craft raw material. Activities like decorating a kite, making a pencil holder or decorating a fruit basket or even gift wrapping keep kids engaged and engrossed in creating beautiful stuff out of their imagination. Letting them take a call is a good idea while you be the guiding light.

Creating small pots and vessels out of clay not only sounds interesting but is practically interesting too and not only kids but people of all ages enjoy this activity. Coloring those created objects can further add to the interest of your kids. It will even give them a sense of satisfaction to see what they have created and feel good about it.

5 Creative Activities To Keep Your Children engaged in Summer Holidays

This is a surefire activity for kids particularly the toddlers and with molding sand or clay they can create anything they can imagine of be it animal or bird or flower or still life or even their favorite cartoons like ‘Shaun the sheep’. The clay is available in a variety of colors and using it can be a lot of fun.

EMBROIDARY – Mostly it is the girls who seem to be more interested in embroidery activity compared to boys but nevertheless you can tell them to give it a try. Be it knitting a muffler or embroidery on a handkerchief, the results will surely make your kids smile to satisfaction.

ACCESSORY DESIGN – Be it using beads or other raw material, kids will enjoy making necklaces or bracelets for themselves. The use of colors and creativity can sure create small wonders out of their imagination.

So, plan some cooler projects for your kids this summer and see their imagination buds soar unimaginable heights. Have fun!

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