10 Tips on how to Connect with your Children – One on One

Many of us parents might have experienced our kids whining, throwing tantrums and being stubborn or not listening to us. Some of it could be mood, some of it lack of connect, to name the mains. Now, the immediate question from you could be about finding time in this big bad busy world to connect with the child and how to do that.

Here are a few tips to help you around with connecting with your child on a day to day basis.

1. 10 minutes – Yes, if you dedicate 10 minutes a day exclusively with your child, it can go a long way in developing a connect. That does not mean you take the child out to play but it means playing with the child or being a child like him or her and coming down to that level. Play any game together like hide n seek, peek a boo, tickles, boxing,

2. Walking – Going for a walk with your child be it in the park or by the beach or by a river or pond gives a good time to connect with your child. This will help your child pick up the sense of exploring and adventure as well.

3. Sensory Activities – This kind of activities give you a chance to work with her as a team be it play-dough or something else.

4. Cooking or Baking – This will also be a great way to connect with the child and enhance his teamwork skills at the same time. You may take up simple recipe and ask him or her to help.

5. Reading Stories – Telling stories or reading stories to them is a very good way to spend time with your child and connect. It’s actually a fun time with them as they ask a lot of questions around the stories and pictures they see.

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6. Grocery shopping – Shopping together for veggies and food is a good way to connect with your children. Additionally it’s a learning experience where if you have toddlers you can help them explore veggies, fruits and grocery stuff around.

7. Pillow Fights – Works really well and kids love pillow fighting and its safe too. You can just do it before going to bed and they will enjoy it.

8. Mirroring games – Unless you child gets annoyed, this can turn out to be a laugh riot. You mirroring your child and vice a versa. You can apparently use a mirror, stand behind and mock your child.

9. Sports – Any sport be it badminton or a swim together is much fun. Even mind games like chess and indoor games like carom are fun with children and help in making a connect with them.

10. Vacation – Its always nice to go on a family vacation at least twice a year, if you can afford one. On Vacations you can use many of the above tips to engage with your children.

Well, the crux of all that has been written is being available for your child at his or her level, bringing each other on the same page and you are the one who has to try to be there. Additionally regular cuddling, smiling, hugging, appreciating can be a lot of motivation for your child to feel secure with you in addition to being connected.

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