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VSE celebrated Chairman’s birthday on 21 September 2013

Vydehi School of Excellence, a premier school in Bangalore, celebrated its Chairman late D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu’s birthday on 21 September 2013. D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu, Founder of Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre was always a humanist who stood for the well being of his country’s people. It was his life’s mission to head a medical centre that could provide a world class healthcare system to the public at very affordable cost and a medical and other educational institution with state-of-the-art technology that focus on the research in medical science and integrates the quality of overall education. D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India and had been the prestigious TTK chairman twice. An engineer by qualification, D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu went on to create a successful business empire spanning various industries. He passed away on April 24, 2013 after a brief illness. Our students visited his Samadhi (place where he rests in peace) and offered their prayers. Teachers accompanied the students and helped them through the proceedings.

VSE students organized the teacher’s day event on 5th September 2013

Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm on 5th September 2013 at Vydehi School of Excellence.  The event was very special especially because it was completed planned and managed by our students. The event kick started with our tiny tots welcoming their teachers, on their arrival, by applying ‘the traditional tilak’ on their forehead. A special assembly was conducted after this and students paid their tribute to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the first vice president of India whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s day in India and to their beloved teachers through speeches, poems, skits and dances. The event was concluded with each teacher receiving a memento as a token of appreciation for their efforts, by the management.


Vydehi school of Excellence organized a ‘Parents Observation Day’ on 21-08-2013

Every parent enjoys seeing their child learning with a lot of curiosity and interest to explore new worlds of knowledge.  There cannot be a more satisfying thing in the world for a parent other than his/her child thinking intelligently and answering questions asked by teachers. Taking this wish of parents into consideration, Vydehi School of Excellence organized a ‘Parent Observation Day’ in school where parents can get a glimpse of how their child is participating in various classroom activities, both curricular and extracurricular activities. The concept of Parent Observation Day comes from the feedbacks we received from the parents when they visited Vydehi School of Excellence as part of Parent’s Day Celebration.  On this day, parents are requested to participate in class activities passively by witnessing their children performing in class. This gave them a glimpse of modern teaching methods and technology that is incorporated in daily teaching at Vydehi. Parents were delighted by the contagious enthusiasm of the children, which brought out the best in the teachers as well. The motto behind this entire exercise was to influence the parents to increase their involvement in parent-teacher partnership, which is crucial for the overall development of the child. We received very positive feedback for the program as some termed it as ‘a great initiative and enjoyable experience’ and ‘a nostalgic feeling, reminded of our school days.’


Patriotic Singing Competition – Vydehi School of Excellence

Amidst independence struggle, freedom fighters use to create patriotic songs as an inspiration to the compatriots. Throughout the history, there are evidence for songs and music playing a very important role in any strike or revolution to restore morality, order and justice in the country. Every meaningful movement will have music and songs in its background for a support.  Vydehi School of Excellence, in the spirit of Independence Day, organized a Patriotic Singing Competition for children on August 29, 2013. Three teachers organized the program where children made an awesome display of their unique talent. The event was very well received and got high acclaim from children and their parents. We consider this positive feedback as a success of this program. (more…)

Times of India 2013 Art Competition Winners

The Spirit of Accomplishment in the World of Stiff Competition

We take this opportunity to congratulate the four outstanding artists – Megha J. Sattian (Class V), Varsha J. Sattian ( Class V), Arvind .B ( Class VI), and Akshaya (Class VI) of our school for being the Winners of Times of India NIE – 175 years Art Competition.

They captured the mood and essence of the Times of India’s Journey through 175 years, with colorful ideas of their vision for a reformed India. The panel of eminent artists selected our students work as the “Most Creative Work Of Art” among as many as 195 Times NIE schools participating in this event.

We are pleased to announce that they were accredited with trophy and certificates by the Times Group.


Vydehi School of Excellence celebrates 67th Indian Independence Day

Freedom is a state of mind that lets you express your thoughts without fearing any individual or any other entity in an irrational manner. When it comes to political space, freedom is an essential aspect for any country to be sovereign. Each and every individual has their own customized definition for freedom. Without freedom, an individual won’t be able to make use of his/her absolute potential to the highest of levels and hence it will be impossible for him/her to accomplish great missions in life. Every one of us needs freedom because it makes us live naturally and earn a life we rightfully deserve. India, our country, has a glorious past with rich tradition and culture and we had great natural resources. But misfortune dawned on the country when it was invaded by foreign rulers. As a direct effect, rich resources of the country were looted, without showing the slightest hint of mercy. But Indians woke up, from the initial hang over and glitter of British rule and found out that it is essential to free our mother land from the invaders and thus sacrificed their lives for our country. The freedom we enjoy today is the result of their sacrifice and hardships, fuelled by patriotism. (more…)

VSE Poetry Recitation Competition 2013

Vydehi School of Excellence, a premier school in Bangalore organized the final round of the Recitation Competition on 19th January 2013.  The finalists of this Primary School Poetry Recitation competition had to excel in memorizing and reciting the poetry of their choice, with confidence. The theme of the poetry was declared as “Nature”. The concept offered the students a wide range of choices to pick up from and finalists recited beautiful poems with great control in voice modulation. (more…)

VSE School In Bangalore Republic Day Celebrations 2013

Vydehi School of Excellence, a premier school in Bangalore, celebrated Republic day on 24 January with great enthusiasm and enchanting spirit. The children participated actively in the Republic Day celebrations held on 24th January. The theme of the Special Assembly (Republic Day) was “Unity in Diversity”. The preamble of our Constitution was read out by the students. The idea was to inform all the students about our country’s constitution that paved the whole design for our country’s future. (more…)

Vkids-Vydehi School Annual Day 2012-2013

Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated its 2nd Annual Day Function on 23rd February 2013. This event was a music extravaganza as it witnessed many musical performances from the participants. Our eminent guests inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. Then vkids and Vydehi school students sang invocation song and that lightened up the whole auditorium. (more…)

Pre Primary Field Trip to ECC Garden Whitefield

Vydehi School of Excellence, Bangalore planned a field trip for kindergarten, day care and Nursery students on 26th November. The prime objective of the field trip was to take the kids to a place where they can relax and also learn a few things about nature. As a CBSE school that is rich in school facilities, Vydehi School brought montessori and nursery kids to ECC Garden in Whitefield in its school van, safely. (more…)