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Finestra Sul Mondo-Pre-Primary Annual Sports meet

Vydehi we believe that sports is an integral part of our holistic education as sports fosters competitive spirit, team work, discipline and above all sportsmanship. Vydehi School of Excellence organized Annual Sports meet “Finestra Sul Mondo” for Pre-Primary on 9th of December 2017.

Discipline Issues and Spanking

Many of us parents do spank children but is it needed or not is a question that ponders many of us. Is spanking the way to instilling discipline in your child. The answer actually is might just be no for some and yes for some. But, practically speaking if done in a controlled manner, spanking could work well. Though, you have to avoid panicky behavior and be mindful of how you manage your child and get him learn to be one. Again even using it needs to be limited to need basis.

Discipline Issues and Spanking

First Warn Always – Verbally warning your child is the first step before you spank your child. A warning signal can help you avoid the spanking alternative, as your child will slowly learn that if he or she would not listen then there will be consequences that follow in form of a spank.

Responsibility – Usually when kids are upto something that’s not right and do it, you ask them about why they did it but this would not be of great help as the child does not have an answer to it. Asking them about what wrong they did is like enforcing the responsibility in him or her. Then you can warn with a last chance before spanking about it.

Say if it Hurts – Its not always that you get angry always due to your kids behavioral issues, it can leave you disappointed and heart. At such a time its important to convey this feeling to your kids. At times if you feel like crying on their behavior, you may do it as well because seeing tears in their eyes can make them understand their parent’s grief and work on it.

Spank Responsibly – Spanking if the need be should be done within limits only or else your kids will get use to it as well and get out of your reach. You have to understand that the spanking has to be just like a sting and not more that that. You need to take care of the child’s body as well. Eventually it will be decreased once your kids learn to think abstractly. Though after spanking you can show your love to your child and ask him he he wants to repent on the same. This way you make them know that you are spanking them for a reason and only.

Unconditional Love – As important It can be to spank your child at time, it might be of same importance to provide unconditional love and even more so. So, after your round of discipline, do take your child in your arms, hug or cuddle him/her. The child will eventually understand that you love him/her loads and the spanking is only to regulate their behavior.

Instilling discipline is children plays and important part in all through their young age and whole of their life.

The parent-teacher association of Vydehi School of Excellence is an active body of the School. Every parent and teacher is a member of the association, as VSE strongly believes that parents and teachers must work together with children to improve the quality of education.

Managing Behavior of Your Children

It is not unknown, that managing kids through their growing up years has never been an easy job. Ask any parent about it and the answer will be mostly that it is very challenging to manage kids in their growing up years. Though, children are naughty and this behavior is quite natural, managing them properly is quite important.

Managing Behavior of Your Children

Here are a few tips on how you can deal with misbehavior of your kids.
Give Time – Your time is probably the best gift a child could get. More so in the present times when children have working parents. Children need attention and if you are not giving them attention they would find out ways sometimes to garner your attention. So, give them as much time you can and engage with them through play or conversation.

Setting Rules – This is one of the most important points to be considered. A clear set of rules need to be made and explained to your child. Though it is advisable that you don’t overload them with many many rules but have some really necessary ones. If you child is young, you need to explain them the rules in a language they can clearly understand.

Rewards – Reward your kids for good behavior but not with toys or food but with feelings, praises and applauds, smileys on their hand or stars or playing their favorite book and likes.

Consequences – As much important it is to set realistic and clear rules and put them across to the child, it is important to explain your child about the consequences as well. These rules have to be reinforced continuously even if they are small and simple ones. One of the examples would be when your child destroys something that is important, you have to ask the child to work that suits the child for it.

Consistency - Children never tend to follow rules and it is only repetition or consistency in the rules that could help you discipline your child in a certain way.

Self Regulation – Children do follow foot steps of kids and hence you as a parent need to follow what you preach. If you tend to disrespect or shout at your child all the time and not handle the situation calmly, then your child is most likely to follow you foot steps. So, take care of your own behavior before trying to regulate your child’s behavior.

Vydehi School of Excellence has been awarded with the British Council International School Award for the period 2015-18.

Story Telling – The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

Story telling is apparently not new and has been here since the beginning of the times. We all as children have heard stories from our parents and grand parents particularly when young. But, with the advent of new technology based gadgets like TV’s, tablets and mobiles, with the surge in nuclear families and the work loads that couples have leaves them with rather less or no time to look beyond cartoons and video games. Many of us Parent might as well have had fond memories of cuddling into our granny’s lap and asking her to tell you a fairytale. Even the great Einstein has said this about story telling – If you want to make your children intelligent, tell fairy-tales to them, if you want them to be more intelligent, tell more stories to them. So, the point is story telling does come packed with loads of benefits which are rather unknown to many of us. Well, lets just review some of these then so that if you haven’t already started telling stories to your child, you do get started asap.

Story Telling - The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

Enhances Language Skills – When you read stories to your children, loud, slow and clear, your kids get an opportunity to come across new words. This is how you in a way help them build their vocabulary or say their word bank. With new stories come new words and these new words and pronunciation get archived in your child’s virtual word bank in some corner of their brain.

Betters Memory – Story telling is a memory enhancement exercise because children children have to remember certain key plot points. Even asking question during story telling and post it helps.

Enhances their Creative skills and Imagination – When you tell stories to your children, there are no visuals to support these stories. As a result children learn to imagine or visualize the story. This enhances their imaginative and creative skills. You can even ask your children to draw pictures around it after you tell them stories.

Helps with cultural Understanding – When you tell stories of your childhood, it gives them a chance to explore their own cultures and develop empathy towards people, places or situations that they haven’t been.

Besides story telling helps helps in instilling the love for reading which can help them all along their life span, improve listening skills, their concentration and engagement as well as developing your mutual bond.

Well, if you haven’t started it already, do it now because it is surely help your kids all their life.

Vydehi School is founded upon the conviction that young minds are extremely curious about everything that surround them. They are at a stage of constant development. They are always keen to learn, create and develop. With strong support to their ideas, their unique potentials can be molded effectively.

Challenges with Toddler Behavior and Solutions

Toddlers in the age group of 2 -3 years are on the verge of self exploration and realization of their individuality. Well, this is the age when they try to act independently and communicate what they want and what they don’t. As they are in the process of developing language skills, it helps them communicate their wants and needs as well. Even though self control is still what they are not able to manage as they cannot understand logic. This is the time when the toddler needs parental guidance in channelizing his or her energies in the right direction and controlling emotions.
Challenges with Toddler Behavior and Solutions

Managing Strong Feelings

You might not be aware but emotions of children particularly toddlers are complicated. Again a lot the experience is new to them as they have just begun understand happiness, sadness, anger, pride and other feelings. With older toddlers its again different because their feelings keeping changing instantly. Hence, your guidance would help them out. Here are a few signals that can help you understand if your child is struggling with his or her emotions and whether he is learning to manage his or her feelings.

Not able to Manage Feelings
1. The child says no to stuff she wants like if you offer to give favorite candies the child denies.
2. When he/she can figure out to put the puzzles together he/she seems frustrated.
3. When he / she gets angry he/she hits herself/himself
4. Sticks to one particular choice (If favorite pink jacket is in laundry would not settle for any other substitute)
5. Gets frustrated if you go against her way

Able to manage feelings
1. If he/she wants helps asks for it
2. Reassures him/her if frightened or sad.
3. Uses words like ‘I am happy’ or I am sad to convey the mood.
4. Re visits a stressful event like doctors visit
When the child is not able to manage feelings, he need to learn to do it and with better language skills they are able to do so as they grow but you guidance and help them to a great extent. Here are few tips on how you can contribute to your child’s self control regime.

Talking it out
Talking about feelings can help a lot in the matter. You may as well involve some story telling in the same. For example look at the cat, she seems unhappy because the dog took away her food. Furthermore, sharing your own feelings can work as well. For example, Can you help me clean up the mess, I spilt some milk and I am frustrated about it. Thank-you, for your help. It feels nice.
Once your child learn to express feelings, he/she can be taught to deal with them. For example if your child is upset because his friends left early, you can ask him/her to draw something for his/her friends.

Offer Solutions
Managing different feelings is not what kids can do all by their self. You can make them name what they are feeling and offer a solution to it. For example if you child gets angry when you switch off the television or take away the tablet from him/her, tell ‘you are angry it seems because I took away your tablet’ What you can do is either jump up and down or you can go and sleep with your cushion or teddy bear there. You will feel better. This way the child will learn how to deal with anger in an appropriate manner. The most important part is to teach your child to manage strong feeling in non violent and healthy way.

Vydehi School is founded upon the conviction that young minds are extremely curious about everything that surround them. They are at a stage of constant development. They are always keen to learn, create and develop. With strong support to their ideas, their unique potentials can be molded effectively.

5 Simple Tips To Help You Limit Screen Time Of Your Toddlers

Today, every parent is apparently facing this situation and many of them are seeking a way out as well. It is about limiting your infant, toddler or kid from screens like television, tablets and mobile. Many of you who are parents of two or more kids are well aware of the crankiness and tantrums that you have to deal with them in the early ages primarily. The most difficult part is that even we are so much used to screens that limiting our kids becomes all the more difficult when we ourselves ain’t able to do it ourselves. Now, for the solution. The solution is basically all about engaging your child into an activity that enhances his or her creative, cognitive and motor skills.


Here are a few tips to help you get your kids engaged into productive activities and play and drive them away from the idiot box and other smaller screens.

Story Telling – The great Albert Einstein said ‘ If you want your children to be intelligent read fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read more fairy tales. It holds true because stories are a powerful medium in it self. Read them or tell them with actions so that they get engrossed. As they grow up they will develop interest in reading as well.

Outdoor Sports – Playing is an integral part of childhood. So, enroll your child into some outdoor sports. It could be playing with friends in the park and some dedicated sports as well. Sports keep kids engaged and fit and most of the kids do love playing so they would eagerly

Hobbies – There’s music, dance, art, craft, painting, pottery, cooking and many choices for your kid. As per his or her interest pick up some hobby activity for your child. This way your child will be engaged in creative activities that will further help him or her hone their creative abilities.

Out of reach – Once the screen time is over keep your mobiles or tablets or ipads in placing where kids can’t see them. This will keep them divert their attention to the activities your trying to engage them in.

Family Time – Go out, trekking, hiking, to a zoo or a super market or a mall for that matter with your kids together. This will help you bond with your kids and vice a versa. This will keep them engaged and will teach them the importance of spending time together with family as well. Besides, it will limit their screen time as well.

It might seem difficult initially to keep your kids away from the screen but trying out these ways, slowly and eventually these should work well and help bring out the best from within your kids. Having said that, it is equally important for you as parents to set an example by limiting screen time be it mobile, tablets, ipads or television for yourself as well. We all know that kids pick up a lot from elders so we need to follow what we preach. It works best only then.

Vydehi School of Excellence – A pre-kindergarten through Grade XII coeducational day school in Whitefield, Bangalore affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Science Exhibition Primary – Khoj a Journey – Matter & Mind

Vydehi School of Excellence organised science exhibition primary khoj a journey

Vydehi School Science Exhibition Secondary – Khoj a Journey – Matter & Mind

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Tips on Buying Montessori Toys

Kids and toddlers love playing with toys. Toys not only engage them, but also help hone their motor skills, cognitive skills and more. While buying toys for Toddlers though, its important to keep a few points in mind so that not only does your kid make optimum use of them but also stays safe while using them.

Material Type – The material used in manufacture of the toys needs to be taken into consideration while buying toys because for example plastic toys come under different quality or grades. Good quality plastic that abides to the specifications of child safety and has safety specifications printed over it that the plastic is safe for kids, is advisable to buy. Still better, go for products made from natural products like wood, wool and wicker.

Creativity Boosters - Do ensure that the toys to purchase enhance some or the other skills of the child or to put it in another ways, help in child development in some way or the other. One such important skill is Creativity. So, do choose toys that help in instigating the creative side of the child.

Language and Problem Solvers - Interesting toys that help them develop their language and conversation skills and at the same time interest or engage them are a big yes. Additionally, puzzles, classification of objects, sorting and matching exercises work really well in child development. So, going for these toys is a good idea.

Daily Life utility Stuff - You may have experienced at some point or other your little toddler asking for your roller pin or mortar and pestle or a spatula and a pan to play with. This is because children want to try out things that they see in their day to day lives. So, one of the best efforts in child development comes in form of buying them daily utility toys like a kitchen set that includes kettles, tea pot, cups and saucers for example. You simply need to observe what interests them more and buy them those toys.

Think Long Term - We all know that kids stuff is generally highly expensive. So, while buying them toys do choose such toys that can be useful to your kid for a long duration and not just a few months here and there. For example beeds that helps kids count, sort and identify colors and shapes can be used by age groups 2 -5 years easily. This will help you use your funds optimally.

Well, providing your kids with the right accessories or toys is important but equally important is providing your child an equally helpful environment and your time.

Fitness and Learning Go Hand in Hand For Kids

Considering lifestyle of us Indians today, obesity is a major issue arising out of it and not only are the adults bearing a brunt of this monster called obesity but so are the children, around the globe as well as in India. The major reasons are sedentary lifestyle and junk foods. So, how do we tackle this grave issue called obesity that has been spreading its claws across the country? Physical exercise is one of the possible answers to this question. Additionally, neurology experts in USA have claimed that exercise not only helps in regulating the blood flow but it also helps in promoting neurogenesis, a process that is known to generate neurons in the brain. To say the least, it helps a child’s developing brain.
Here is a run down on how you can kill two birds with one stone; meaning how exercise not only helps in physical fitness and growth of your child but also helps in his/ her brain development.

VSE - Bangalore

Cognitive Skills
Here is an important piece of information about the inter-relation of exercise and attention paying or concentration ability. Apparently, exercise or engaging in physical activities helps increase concentration, thus improving cognitive control – ability of paying attention. It is particularly useful for kids who face difficulties with concentrating, for example, kids with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorders) face grave difficulty in paying attention. But, an exercise session before a task that requires attention, helps them increase or rather control their attention span.

Blood Flow Regulation
While a healthy diet is responsible for increased blood flow, exercise is an activity that helps maintain it. A better flow of blood ensures a fit body and also helps in brain development as it increases the flow of blood to the brain, reduces stress levels due to increased levels of neropinephrine and endorphins and affects mood states positively.

Decreased Cardiovascular Risk
Regularly exercising in childhood can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. It is also responsible for improving quality of life associated with health.

In this age when academic pressures on children are rising by leaps and bounds, mental health and physical fitness go hand in hand in keeping kids mind and body at peace. Exercise, thus plays a significant role in keeping kids physical active, away from obesity and mentally fit as well.

Know about vydehi school

Why is Vydehi One of The Best Schools in Whitefield, Bangalore?

Whitefield is one of areas in Bangalore which has many corporate parks, IT hubs, offices of corporate giants and hence is densely populated. There are many schools also in and around the area. One such school which is taking the ratings by storm is Vydehi School of Excellence. In just a few years of its inception, this school has made a mark for itself. Today, it has already found its place in the top 10 schools of Whitefield.

Its pretty much an achievement, because Vydehi School of Excellence, a part of Vydehi group was founded not long before in the year 2009. In a short span of 6 years the school has earned itself immense recognition and popularity, primarily due to its holistic approach and international standards.

With a mission of fostering young minds to create leaders of tomorrow and instill in them values and etiquettes that last forever, Vydehi School of Excellence has crafted a curriculum that is a perfect concoction of scholastic and non scholastic activities. The school focuses on unleashing every child’s potential through comprehensive development that includes physical, social and moral aspects. Extra curricular abilities are also given equal emphasis and include sports and creative activities. Experiential learning forms an integral part of its education program. The quality teaching methodology and learned faculty.

With a clinical Psychologist and a dietician on board, it takes due care of mental health of its children and food habits as well. The lip-smacking menu offered is created after general medical evaluation and parents consultation. It is based on the recommendations of the dietician and is a healthy balance of nutrients needed for growing children.

Vydehi School of excellence is spread across an expansive campus of over 200,000 sqft and is all equipped with hi-tech facilities that include smart digital classrooms, fully equipped computer labs, well stocked library and media room, advanced learning labs for Mathematics, Science and English Subjects, CCTV surveillance round the clock and GPS connected transport.

Above all, what makes this school one of the most sought after schools in whitefield is its affordability inspite of such extravagant facilities it provides. This is only because the preliminary objective of Vydehi group while conceptualizing this educational setup has solely been imparting high quality education to grassroot levels of the society. Just like their other endeavors be it Institute of medical, dental and nursing sciences, Vydehi Hospital or more, it is primarily about serving the society and hence, the fee structure has been set in such a way that it is within reach of the middle class people who aspire to provide high quality education to their children, but finances serve as big road blocks while trying to realize them.

In a nutshell, Vydehi School is an outstanding educational platform for fostering young minds through holistic education and truly so – a school of excellence.