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Vydehi School – Special Education For Special Needs

Founded in 2007, Vydehi school is an initiative by Vydehi Group for rehabilitation of children with special needs. As on day, the school has 72 children with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment, down’s syndrome, visual impairment and multiple disabilities too.

The school runs across 9.30 am and 1 pm, 5 days a week.  The curriculum is customized as per individual student requirements and focuses on development of cognitive, communication, socialization and motor skills.  The school maintains a student teacher ratio of 1:6 and their main objective is to provide inclusive education to the special children without discrimination. It focuses on identifying individual abilities of students and making optimum use of them for their life long benefit.

Brigance Diagnostic has been added to the schools arsenal in 2009, already. This inventory has helped meet the needs of individual students, develop measurable goals and monitor their progress efficiently, ever since.

Being an integral part of Vydehi group, Vydehi School is supported by Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation(VIR) and both the rehabilitation setups work in a close knit way to meet the needs of children, patients and people. While the special educators from school render their services to VIR on a need to need basis, specialists like speech therapists, physiotherapists and more from VIR serve the needs associated with the school children regularly.

The school also offers one-on-one sessions of 1 hour duration to all age groups besides remedial education for students with learning disabilities. Furthermore, it provides home based services for differently-abled children residing in far of areas of the city.

Well, for over a decade now, Vydehi school nestled in Vydehi School of Excellence campus has been working towards providing equal education opportunities to special children for their independence and betterment of their future.