The Right Breakfast For An Energized Start Of The Day For Kids

Present day, nuclear families and working parents is a common picture when you look around. Parents are also more concerned about their children and inspite of their busy schedules and time unavailability they want to give their children the best. Though, many parents aren’t really aware about what could be the ideal breakfast for their kids. Due to hectic time schedules people do prefer bread, cereals and many ready-made or instant recipes for kids. But, are they really as healthy as they claim to be. Fitness expert ‘Rujuta Divekar’ has a slightly different take on breakfast for kids. Through her book ‘notes for healthy kids’ and their parents, she explains how ancient or traditional Indian breakfast is far more healthy compared to the instant breakfast. Here’s a run-down a few tips around healthy breakfast for kids.

The Right Breakfast For An Energized Start Of The Day For Kids

Avoid Packaged Food – Primarily, the food that is free from any kind of preservatives as in packaged food needs to be avoided altogether even if it is cereals, bread or juice. Packaged stuff is loaded with preservatives and high on sugar as well as emulsifiers, to name a few. Infact, they do more harm to health than benefit.

Eat Homely Food – India has a rich and varied tradition when it comes to food. Recipes like Upma, Poha, Dosa, Idli, Paratha, Thepla, Khakra are known to be one of the most-healthy options if prepared at home. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day needs to be filling because it helps you work throughout the day and stay energized. These foods do just that against packaged foods. You may add fresh thoroughly washed fruits and dry fruits alongside milk if you’re in a hurry burry rather than opting for packaged food like bread, cereals, etc.

Avoid Plastic – From plastic food containers to plastics, sliver foil wrapping and water bottles, cutlery we use plastic everywhere. Plastic and aluminum foils are quite harmful to health. In the ancient times Indian used metals like silver, copper, bronze, brass for eating. Apparently, that’s the way it should be. Using metal containers and thalis apparently helps in protection of food against bacterial and viral infections. The alternative cost effective solution is glass if silver ware or other metal is expensive to get.

Gadget Free eating time – When you eat food you need to concentrate a bit on it. You need to feel the flavors to savor it and ultimately to understand your actual food requirement as well. When we are hooked to television or gadget, we go on hogging and never really understand how much food we need or would be enough. You can definitely get an answer to your requirement if you concentrate on food. There is a hormone in stomach called leptin, responsible for sending a signal to stomach once the stomach is full. But, to catch the signal you need to be attentive.

Eat together – Last but not the least, adding a dash of love makes food tastier isn’t it. So, top your food with love and see how it works positively with the health of your member. Make it a point to have atleast one meal together with family even if you have a packed schedule. Find out that quality time and enjoy food together with your family.

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No Homework For Class 1 And 2 – Strict Action If Violation Occurs

The Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary education has released a circular stating strict action against those schools who violate this order by canceling their affiliation. The circular states “For students of Class 1 and 2, no homework should be given. Schools must only provide textbooks prescribed by the NCERT for Classes 1 to 5. If any schools found violating these, then the affiliation of such schools will be at risk”. The circular was issued because the Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary Education is suspicious that many schools are already violating the rule and hence has issued the circular in order to curb this violation.

no-home work

The reason that the board is suspicious about violation is that when the first order was issued regarding not giving homework to grade I and grade II students, there was no mention of affiliation being at risk in case of violation or any other penalty. Hence, the chances of violation were more and had come to the notice of the Karnataka board as well. The department has also undertaken the task of keeping a check with the help of special vigilance teams, for monitoring the schools and carrying out random surprise checks on schools.

The department official also mentioned that there was a reason why the decision of not giving homework to students of government schools was taken. Primarily, the parents of these children have no time to spare and tend to their children’s studies. Secondly, the idea was to also focus on extra-curricular activities which children can indulge when home. Play is as much important as is education, which can be done in school for kids of Grade I and Grade II. The department had also issued another order for Grade I and Grade II earlier wherein, every third Saturday had to be declared as ‘no bag’ day and the books issued to children not exceed 100 pages.

The authorities also mentioned that they did receive complaints from parents about violation of the orders issued and hence, the decision to attach affiliation cancelation penalty to schools.

Well, this decision does sound good as academics is not the only way as far as development of kids is concerned, a holistic approach is a better way for sure as it looks into the overall development of children and not just academics.

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How To Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn And Sun Damage?

Skin exposure to UV rays can put you at the risk of skin cancer. Apparently, as per a study, the exposure of sun burn of damage caused during childhood can not only forecast the possibility of skin cancer but even increase the risk of the most dangerous one called melanoma by 80 percent in adulthood. Also, on an average around 60 to 80 percent of the sun exposure happens before you complete 18 years of age. Well, skin cancer can be prevented by taking care of sun exposure during childhood days. So, how do you protect your children from the sun during summer?

Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn

Protecting Infants – Babies or infants are known to have the most sensitive skin, that too under 6 months of age even more. The preliminary solution is to avoid taking infants in the sun for a long time, particularly in the afternoon. Even if you have to for some reason, take care that the infant ain’t exposed to direct sunlight by providing shade or shelter to them. You may either use a comforter to wrap around or take help of natural shade of the trees. Even UV protective tents is a good idea if you are out on a picnic or something where there is maximum possibility of exposure to sunlight.

Commuting – While commuting in a Car or on a two wheeler ensure that the toddler or child is protected from the UV rays. For protect children while in the car, you may use protective shields for the windows as the harmful UV rays can reach the child through them. Shields offering upto UPF 30 protection are available in the market already. You might as well go for them.

Toddlers and Kids – At this age, using a sun block or suns cream for protection against sun damage might not be enough. Using comfortable clothes that repel heat, sunglasses as well as caps can help the cornea safe. As per experts using sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection against UV rays.

Well, precaution is always better they say, and when it comes to skin cancer the study already reveals that exposure to sun in childhood does increase the risk of cancer, hence it is advisable that you take every care possible to avoid unnecessary skin exposure and damage to skin.

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How To Choose A Safe And Sound Day Care For Your Little One

With more and more families in India getting nuclear and with generally both the spouses working, the only alternative place for kids after school is day care. Again, with news of daycares not taking proper care of kids, considering a few serious episodes, finding a reliable day care where your kids can be safe and sound does require you to do some serious quality checks as a parent. In India, you can choose between home based day care and private day care. Home based day cares usually are run at home and have few children. Private daycare can have many children and is run by schools and are more structured as compared to home based ones. The recent addition to day cares has been workplace daycares. These are daycares at the place of work of parents, making it easier for them to keep a check on their babies or toddlers. In the recent past, a lot of incidences have cropped up that has compelled parents to review the daycare from safety point of view thoroughly before choosing one. Here’s a run-down a few tips around selecting a day care that’s a safe haven for your child.

How To Choose A Safe And Sound Day Care For Your Little One

Safety & Security – Safety and security is the most important and primary concern for all parents. Do visit the day care personally and don’t just go by word of mouth. Security checks include checking for gates and compound walls done properly so that the kids has not chance of exiting without knowledge with security guards in a sufficient number. Check if they have CCTV provisions. Check if all the electrical points are covered and the bathrooms are suitable for toddlers. Check if the swimming pool is either covered for gated so that the possibility of accidents is reduced to minimum.

License & MorePrivate daycares need to get themselves registered and have a license. Do check if they are licensed while issuing a license the day care needs to have ticks on a lot of requirement check boxes that includes proper infrastructure, quality and hygiene check, staff background checks, emergency procedures and care to name a few.

Food and Hygiene – Health and hygiene preliminary concerns hence do check for the quality of food offers and hygiene like cleanliness in the premises, toys and play equipment are cleaned and washed properly, drinking water and the refrigerators, beds and play area as well, if possible.

Activities – The daycare needs to engage children as keeping them ideal won’t help with their development. Hence, do check if the day care offers adequate physical, social and creative activities.

Do check for reviews and ratings of the day care online and ask friends and people you know who have their kids in the respective daycare.

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Dealing With Disrespectful Behavior Of Children

Parenting isn’t always a cake walk rather it is a roller coaster ride for most of us. Every growing year brings about a challenge of its own when it comes to dealing with children, their habits and tantrums as well. One such issue that most of the parents if not all come across is disrespectful or rude behavior of children. Dealing with children who do not listen, back answer or even swear at times is sometimes a task for parents. Many find it difficult to deal with such situations for better results. Here are a few tips on how to deal with kids who show disrespectful behavior and curb this from turning into a habit.

Dealing With Disrespectful Behavior Of Children

It’s time to Discipline – Off-course, you don’t have to be rude in your way to tell them. Rather than pointing out some chore they haven’t finished, tell them that they would get a chance to play outdoor as soon as they finish their chore. Now, there’s an option for your child to choose from.

Don’t Ignore – Many parents simply take everything their children do easy. They feel that with age they will themselves learn to behave well. But, parents need to

One Warning always – Always warn before taking any strict action about an issue. For example if your child is not letting you work on your laptop, warn the child that if he/she don’t allow you to work then they will get a time out. You have to do it only once and not keep repeating that because if you keep repeating and don’t take action after a warning, it would be like fuel the fire.

Instant Actions – Immediate actions are important so that children take whatever you say seriously enough. If the behavior is worth a punishment, give it immediately. This could either be a time out of a few hours of no outdoor activity for a day or two or something else. For example if you kid is calling you names or talking with you rudely, then you need to make them understand that such behavior is unacceptable and they will have to pay for it, by depriving them of their favorite privilege for some time.

Restitution – In order to avoid some disrespectful behavior of your child yet again, restitution could be one of the way out. If you child for example behaves disrespectfully with someone, doing some kind gesture to the victim in order to repair the damage already done and avoid reoccurrence is what restitution is all about.

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How To Help School Going Kids Sleep Better

We as parents are already aware of the importance of sleep for kids. Having said that, one problem that most parents usually have to face is sleep disturbance issues and sleep cycle issues of kids. The matter of concern here is that if these issues persist then it does affect their functioning socially as well as academically due to fatigue issues.

How To Help School Going Kids Sleep Better

A research carried out on school going children in the age group of 6 to 7 years in Australia include over 4500 children came to the conclusion that 22.5 percent of them had sleep issues. A pediatrician and senior research fellow at Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital said that they were apparently surprised with the study because all the while they thought only baby sleep was a an issue.

These results further gave way to randomized controlled trial in 108 children of the first year school. Based on the results the Doctors said that in order improve the sleep habits it’s advisable to parents that they set a definite sleep routine for their kids. He also highlighted the fact that the major issue definitely was the screen time. Hence, the first step to improve your child’s sleep routines is to take away the screens from the bedrooms. Even if Parents themselves aren’t able to keep the screens away, trying to get children away from screen before sleep time is necessary.

As per one of the associate professors of McGill University, sleep is a very important part of daily life of kids. When at school they have to be attentive in class and follow whatever instructions have been given to them. So, inadequate sleep does affect many different aspects of their academic performance. A study of 7-11 year olds sleep behavior also indicated that an hour less and change in sleep patterns did affect the adversely with respect to their alertness levels as well as their emotional regulation. While, with an hour of more sleep for five days, the results were positive.

Hence, managing proper sleep routines and maintaining those with children is always advisable and it’s the parents who need to take keen interest and set the routines for the children and work towards maintaining them as well.

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Toys And Toddlers – All You Need To Know

There’s a huge difference between parenting in the earlier times may be two decades or more backwards and cut to today. Earlier parents were not very keen, interested or sometimes aware around the importance of grassroots. But, times have changed and for good. Parents are very keen on trying their best for the upbringing of their children. Again with internet on hand, searching for information around it and even school support, parents have become aware of the fact that early years are the times when they have to be on their toes and dedicate their time and energy to give their children the environment required for them to bloom fully.

Toys are an integral part of early and growing years of a child. There is a sea of choices available to choose from when it comes to toys. Here are a few point to help you out with choosing the toys that help your child not only play and explore but learn and grow as well.

Toys And Toddlers

Toys that Trigger – Toys that trigger your child’s imagination are a good idea. Toys like blocks, food items toys, stuffed animals, doll houses wherein you child is able to make stories and act them with the help of pretend play. Pretend play can help hone their language skills and more.

Play based Skill Development – Toys like puzzles, clay, blocks and shapes can help your child explore, create as well has think logically. These activities can help them hone their problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial relation and motor skills.

Inter-generational play Toys – As your child crosses the age of 3, try out game nights where the family sits together and plays. Go for simple ones first. Playing together as a family will not only help hone the bonding, language skills but also their skills around counting, memory and matching.

Mix and Match – Have different sorts of toys, so the child is not bored and gets to learn a lot of different things through play. With online shopping at the click of a button, you can get access to a whole world full of toys making the whole process hassle free

Toys do have the age group information printed on them, so go for age appropriate toys, toys that are able to transform play room into a place to learn while they play.

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Parenting Tips For Working Parents

Today, particularly in the metros, life moves on the fast track. Couples, both the mother as well as the father work and are out of the house for almost the whole day. Once they’re back from office, they are all stressed out due to their hectic schedule, tired and fatigued. Hence, giving adequate time, the time that not only do their kids deserve, but is the primary responsibility of the parents too is not possible. The solution today is to watch television together or be hooked to the respective gadgets for peace at home and tantrum free environment. Many clinical psychologists experience their clients coming in with a lot of guilt towards not being able to give time to their kids. Raising kids while maintaining your married life and your career is not a cake walk. To achieve that balance and work everything out with all the stress that it brings along requires immense patience and hard work. For a better balance between parenting and work, primarily the spouses need to be on the same page. They need to work it out as a team with a lot of coordination and understanding. Is about expressing your love to your spouse not through verbal expressions but through your actions and for that you need to understand each other’s emotions.

Parenting Tips For Working Parents

Here are few tips for working parents on dealing issues around time management when it comes to spending time with their kids.

Communication – Communication is the key when it comes not only to parenting but to maintaining your relationship in the pink of health. The first few years after the child is born are crucial years in every way for overall development of your child.

Work at home is a big no – When you bring work at home is a big no. When you bring your work home, you are using the time you have and need to spend with the child for your work. This is not only unfair to the child but can affect your child’s wellbeing a lot. When a child wants to talk to you and you do not pay attention it does affect the self-confidence and self-esteem negatively, hence when your child talks to you, switch off everything else and concentrate.

Presence not Presents – Yes, whoever said it ‘Your child needs your presence and not your presents’ did make total sense. While showering your kids with expensive gifts is not a good idea, spending quality time with your child is very important. Taking out time from your schedule for regular vacations, weekend trips to the zoo or museum, etc. can help you bond with your child. You need to teach your children the value of money and better idea is to make them understand that they need to earn their gifts.

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Have fun together – Plan fun indoor or outdoor activities and participate whole heartedly with your child in them. This will help create a good rapport and build a rapport based on the bond of friendship between you and your child. Play indoor sports, indulge in art and craft activities, plan picnics, go on adventures like hiking or biking, etc. Be together as a team and build on your relationship consistently.

Dine together – Dinner table is one time or opportunity to talk with your kids. Do not skip having dinner with family. Try to extend that time by involving your children work with you in the kitchen, be it washing the veggies or laying the table may be. This is the time when you get a chance to discuss the happenings of the day with your children. You can pass on some important lessons, through these daily discussions.

For example -Try explaining them the importance of being on time by telling them that you were scolded by your boss for being late. This way they come to know about the world outside as well.

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Five Summer Time Activities For Preschoolers

Now that summer holidays are round the corner, most of the parents should be planning to keep their preschooler busy with some activity or the other. That would be beneficial for the kid and even for the parents. Particularly, parents with preschoolers. It’s really important to keep this little ones occupied. You know that I say, right. Summer you could get your kids outdoor and engage them in outdoor sports. Yes, there are lot of options available for indoor activities as well. For those who are in to give your kids a fun as well as learning experience for kids, here are a few tips on fun activities they can indulge their preschoolers into.

Five Summer Time Activities 4 Preschoolers

Nature Hunt is a real cool activity and you can do it together with your kids. It could be done in your backyard if you have one or nearby in a park. The process does not involve a lot of things to find or buy. It could be done simply with a jar with a lid having holes. He or she can collect the bits and pieces of nature related stuff in the jar or if the child is not interested in insects, then bird watching is another good idea.

Take your kids swimming and have fun playing water sports with them. Most of the kids love playing in the water and a swimming pool sport can be real fun or head to the beach to play beach sports. A classic outdoor sport that definitely works for your pre-schoolers but stay alert around their safety.

Summer AND ICEREAM go hand in hand. If children are added to it then they make a killer combo for sure. You may either make ice-cream at home or buy some and try a sundae treat for your kid and his/her friends.

Painting and drawing or sketching is a creative as well as engaging activity and even fun if different types of colors are being used. Preschoolers generally love it and if you accompany them it’s sure going to add to the fun.

Craft activity can be fun and interesting. There are various types options available when it comes to craft activities with different types of paper, pottery, cloth and more. You kid certainly will enjoy creating something out of nothing.

Well, the summertime is near but there is not reason to fear now that you have some options on hand for your little

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School Bags Getting Heavier Day by Day? – Here’s What a School Principal did

Over a period of time we have seen school bags of children getting heavier and heavier and this is not only leading to children hunching their backs but also in lower back pain issues at such a young age. The government of India has also taken note of it and introduced a few ideas to help reduce the burden of kids.

But, one school principal has taken keen interest into the matter and practically implemented the solution in his own school after he saw the struggle of his own daughter. This principal instructed the teachers to split the syllabus of the whole year on a per monthly basis. Further he instructed to combine that syllabus into one single book in order to reduce the burden to less than half.

heavy school bags

A study has revealed that on an average the school goer has to bear the load of 8 kgs every day based on the class he or she is studying in. Additionally the kids also have to carry their lunch boxes and water bottle. Comparatively, the children in the west have locker facility in school so they can choose the books they want to carry home. That does reduce a lot of burden from the kids and thus is much lower than schoolers of India.

The government of India has taken preventive measures by passing a bill wherein kids upto the age of 8 are not to be given any homework from school so that they don’t have to carry any extra books.

The government has also devised a few guidelines around the weight of school bags permissible. For students of class I and II, the weight need not exceed 1.5 kg, for kids of class III to V, the limit is 2 to 3 kgs, for kids from standards VII and IX 4.5 kg and for kids of X it should not exceed 5 kg the order from the government also includes the addition of a locker facility for every student as well as informing them about the books that they need to bring one day in advance.

Parents Checklist
It’s also parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on their children. To check of any signs of hunchback, lower back pain, red shoulder, numbness after carrying his bag for the while to name a few.

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