Inclusive Education

Learning Knows No Bounds
“Fairness is not giving everyone the same thing,
Fairness is giving each person what they need to succeed”

These days we hear a lot about the term inclusive education. Suddenly these alien concepts are the norm in our country and everyone is talking about it.

However, believe me, it is a good thing and this topic needs all the attention it can get.
So let us begin with the classic explanation.

“Inclusive education happens when children with and without disabilities participate and learn together in the same classes. Research shows that when a child with disabilities attends classes alongside peers who do not have disabilities, good things happen”.

Roots of inclusive education can be traced back to the 1950s in USA & Canada where reputed universities experimented with integration of students with severe disabilities pioneered by inclusion teachers, who believe in participatory learning, cooperative learning, and inclusive classrooms.

In India, though we have been approaching inclusion since quite some time, we have a lot to achieve. The society has come a long way from fear, negligence, pity & sympathy towards empathy.

Our constitution provides for education as the fundamental right to all children, but until the recent Right to Education Act, introduced in 2012 schools were at liberty whether or not to grant admission to students with special needs.

Government can make laws and provide infrastructure, but it all depends on the other stakeholders (Schools, Parents, and Teachers) on how we perceive inclusive education & our willingness to take it forward. Reluctance also stems from the fact that inclusive education is a guaranteed high return long-term investment but with very high premium in the short term.

It is not only important to provide infrastructure like ramps, toilets, accessibility to laboratories, playground, etc but also to identify and support children with learning and mental disabilities. Lack of flexibility in curriculum, affordability, being bullied in the class and not getting adequate attention from the teachers are other contributing factors, which stall inclusive education.

We must all understand that “All children can learn” but “All children learn differently” & Special education is not inclusive education.

The Inclusive Education Clause in the RTE Act is an important step in the right direction. It also helps regular kids. When they attend classes that reflect the similarities and differences of people in the real world, they learn to appreciate diversity.

So let us all strive to improve the status of inclusive education within our respective spheres of influence. What begins with a sense of responsibility & compassion culminates in a feeling of pride when the children reciprocate with joy & passion that make our efforts pale in comparison.

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Emotional Intelligence – Key to Success?

Intelligence is more than we thought it was. We already know from our own experiences in the world that it takes more than just being smart or having a high IQ to be successful. We had already seen many a times, that our brightest students have failed to experience success in life which we would have predicted using our traditional methods of evaluation.
Research tells us that IQ contributes to only 20% of the factors that determine success while the remaining 80% is referred to as “EQ” or Emotional Intelligence.

So what is this Emotional Intelligence and how can it be developed?

While IQ is the measurement of the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge, EQ is the capacity to know and manage one’s emotions, to channelize emotions in service of goals. It’s empathy and being able to recognize emotions in others and to effectively handle relationships.

Because of their connection to behavior, emotions impact every area of life: health, learning, achievement, and relationships. Managing feelings well and recognizing and responding effectively to the feelings of others enables children to lead happy and productive lives and to master habits of mind that contribute to personal and career success. We all, parents and educators, must nurture emotional intelligence in the same caring way we nurture IQ.

Most people are simply unaware of the implications and impact of emotions on health, learning, behavior and relationships. The research is rich with examples, but the end result is that people with more highly developed emotional competence have better health, do better at learning, exhibit behavior that is contributing and pro-social, and are able to establish more meaningful, longer lasting relationships. With all this standing in its favor the development of EQ is as important as the consideration of IQ particularly when its contribution to academic performance and intellectual growth are so vital.

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Failure is not Bad

Everybody wants their child to do well……no doubt about it.

This is probably an instinct that goes all the way back to the Stone Age. I can imagine how proud the cave parents must have been, when they saw junior return from the hunt with the biggest rabbit. After all, he is a chip off the old block…right. So proud.

Parents live for their children’s success. And nowadays instead of rabbits it is games & music. The more, the better. Cricket team, Soccer club, Piano classes, Dance academy, Martial arts training, Tennis coaching, the list is endless.

Playing out of state, playing with older kids, and doing exceptionally well at school all add to the bonus points.

I think its all great, but we seem to have forgotten that winning is just half the process in any game. Winning is so overrated these days, that we cannot comprehend failure of our child. As terrible as it sounds, it is true.

failure is not that bad

Failing has such a bad reputation that we do not want to talk about it. It is really easy to find out the result of any game after it is over, by looking at the parents who drive back home with their children. The silence in the car is so thick; you could cut it with a knife. The message is clear, though no words are spoken, all the equipment, coaching, long hours…..down the drain.

I cannot imagine what the child must be going though at this point.

We seem to believe if our kids always succeed, they will always succeed. I continually see parents who are willing to do anything to make sure their child doesn’t fail.

The truth is, if we want our children to be successful, they have to know how to fail and how to respond to failure. Everyone is going to get knocked down sooner or later. My fear is too many of today’s kids won’t know how to get up.

Failure will make them strong; give them the attitude to respect success and the will to fight back again.

So its O.K. to fail. One day they will thank their parents for this important lesson.

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School Councellor’s Message

Being a first full time school counselor it has been a novel experience working with the little ones so far… they can sometimes be quirky, have short attention spans, and be rather difficult to reason with. They can also inject humour into the session and can be adorable little brats when they realise they can learn to manipulate the situation.

We all have insecurities within us and it usually implies that there is a weakness, a flaw which is the opposite of secure and in general brings our functional levels down. It can extend to this feeling of needing acceptance within and often children won’t communicate this – where in they want themselves to be “closed off for protection”.

As a counselor I create a safe emotional space where I can encourage and help facilitate my counsellees to view that very insecurity as vulnerability which would translate to be the same emotion on a different spectrum. It has more implications where one can afford to be more open to taking risks and investing emotionally without worrying about getting hurt in the process of discovery. The aim is learn emotional immunity in the long run.

Again it’s within the response that we either grow or allow ourselves to become emotionally injured by something, someone or an experience.

Learning to accept the full range of human emotions is vital. We are beings that have polarities within us. We have joy, we have rage. We have bliss, we have bitterness. We have insecurities, we have vulnerabilities, we have fears, and we have courage. So if we look at ourselves as having polarities (like night and day, summer and winter) it’s all very natural to go through each emotion, but it is the response and the action taken that is going to either nurture growth or not.

Mindfulness is a great way to learn to balance the ups and the downs. Opening up to experiencing the emotion without judgement is a valuable tool and can be a very strong life tool that I have been working on with my children in the past few months here.

Our students through being the source of stress can also be great stress relievers. Their energy and humour are rather infectious. So this school year remember to look for the cute side of your little monsters. Their claws aren’t scary all the time.

A warm smile
Kavita A.
The School Counsellor at Vydehi.

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Admission Form for School

Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2015 – 2016 at Vydehi School of Excellence.
Student seeking admission to the Vydehi School of Excellence has to fill and submit an application on the prescribed form,which can be downloaded on our website.
Admissions are open throughout the year subject to availability of seats. You can download admission form for school

admission form for fchool

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Few Important and Helpful Guidelines for Selecting the top CBSE Schools in Bangalore

It is a tough task for every parent to select the best CBSE school in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other cities in India. Choosing the best among the top schools can be an extremely crucial decision.

It is important that you take the proper school environment into consideration in the present day household scenario. Most of the working parents don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. They are relying on schools for better education as well as guidance. However, there are several educational institutions coming up with offering good education with personality development. They also follow the perfect education curriculum and becoming extremely popular.


With many top rated CBSE Schools, how can you decide on the best? Here are some helpful tips and guidelines that can be fruitful.

School Location and ambiance

Schools in Bangalore attract students from different locations with completely different cultures. The school should be located in conveniently and also offer you the peaceful ambiance.

There are several top CBSE schools in Bangalore have come up in beautiful locations. These schools have open spaces, boarding facilities with top class standards. Food served to the students is tasty and nutritious. On the other hand, schools should also have medical services for all emergencies.

Know about Teaching Faculties and curriculum

You can see course curriculum varies from one school to the other. Schools should have efficient and well educated faculties, who can guide students in a right way. They should be ready to offer special guidance to the students who were lagging.

Knowing about the extra-curricular activities offered

It is important that the school offers extra-curricular activities. Schools following a proper timetable for extra-curricular activities will have activities like science fests, inter-school competitions, sports tournaments, dancing, music and art, creative writing, etc.

If you are looking the for the top CBSE schools in Bangalore, make sure that you have done enough research, if possible online to gather enough information before looking into admission.

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Priorities to Consider Before Making Your Kid to Undergo School Admissions in Bangalore

Kids spend a sizeable amount of time is school. So taking their priorities into account is of utmost importance when it comes to deciding about the D-Day. Various factors have to be kept in mind while finding out the right time to enroll the child for school.

School Admissions in Bangalore

The single most important factor in deciding the right time is to listen more towards your child. The child may have certain trials and tribulations which should not be ignored. The next factor is treating your child with respect knowing completely well that he will one day branch out on his own.

Being involved in the daily life of the child goes a long way into boosting his self confidence as well as making him ready to meet other kids of his age group. But simultaneously encouraging independence in the child cannot definitely be ruled out. It is extremely necessary for the child to take responsibility of his own actions in order to ease out the process of starting school.

The following should be the course of action while admitting your child to school-

The parent should visit the school in advance. This facilitates the smooth transition of the child who is venturing out of home for the first time. Meeting the teacher is of primary importance because on the day of joining school the child will immediately become aware of at least one familiar face. It is also important to obtain the school handbook to know as to what are the expectations of the school from the child. Before deciding to send the child to school it is important to be organized and to obtain a class schedule so that the kid is familiar to the procedure that is required to be followed during attendance, lunch hours and games period. Reassure your child, be supportive but also learn to let go.

If you are residing in Bangalore and looking for the best primary education in Bangalore, then you have many options such as Delhi public school, Whitefield global school, Kumaran School, and Vydehi school of Excellence.

So to conclude, for a parent to send the child to school especially in a cosmopolitan like Bangalore, it is essential to know the nuances of the game. Cheers…..

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Investiture Ceremony

Vydehi School of Excellence organized the School Investiture Ceremony for 2013-14 for honouring the best students who perform like leaders in academic and extracurricular activities.  These students, who are honoured, are expected to provide the right direction for their friends and juniors, which will helps in the smooth governance of the school. They are chosen as the school senate. The school witnessed the investiture ceremony in the presence of the parents. Mr. Harjeet Kakkar, CEO of VHIRE4U and WONESTY, was the chief guest in the program. He advised the students to be the architects of the future and the builders of a collective optimistic vision thereby leaving behind a legacy for all to cherish. Ms. Shalini Dutta, Country Head of VHIRE4U, motivated and encouraged the students to dream big and aspire high to be the leaders in the future. The Principal, Ms. Mathews, extended her best wishes to the newly formed senate.

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Hindi Recitation Competition

Vydehi School of Excellence, as one of its program to expand the potential of its students, organized Hindi Recitation Competition. Children were excited beyond expectations to participate in the function.  There were four teachers to co-ordinate the program and they used a digital project to project the duration of the recitation. Many students participated in the program and displayed their incomparable talent in poem recitation. A few chosen parents were invited as judges for the event, along with teachers.  One of the Primary school classrooms is used as the venue of the program which displayed the hidden poetry recitation skills of the students. Teachers concluded the program by appreciating all the students and awarded the champions with prizes. The competition was a resounding success due to the exceptional enthusiasm shown by both the students and teachers.

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VSE celebrated Chairman’s birthday on 21 September 2013

Vydehi School of Excellence, a premier school in Bangalore, celebrated its Chairman late D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu’s birthday on 21 September 2013. D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu, Founder of Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre was always a humanist who stood for the well being of his country’s people. It was his life’s mission to head a medical centre that could provide a world class healthcare system to the public at very affordable cost and a medical and other educational institution with state-of-the-art technology that focus on the research in medical science and integrates the quality of overall education. D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India and had been the prestigious TTK chairman twice. An engineer by qualification, D. K. Audikesavulu Naidu went on to create a successful business empire spanning various industries. He passed away on April 24, 2013 after a brief illness. Our students visited his Samadhi (place where he rests in peace) and offered their prayers. Teachers accompanied the students and helped them through the proceedings.

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